The University of Texas at San Antonio Autonomous Control Engineering Laboratories are the proud home of the following teams: Robotics, Machine Learning, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Autonomous Water Vehicle, Renewable Energy and Cloud Computing.

The ACE Laboratories, ACE Lab and ACE Field Lab (AFL), are part of the College of Engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). This department is active in undergraduate engineering and graduate research, as well as partnerships with local businesses, other universities, and government agencies. Thank you for visiting our website today !


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Bioinformatics and Bioscience

One of the hottest research topics currently keep the UTSA ACE Lab busy nowadays. Not only two recent PhD graduates from ACE were involved in this research area, but also Ace Lab works closely with researchers from the UT Health Science Center.

Assistive Robotics for Elderlies and Disable People

ACE Labs known for its dedication and concentration on robotics and control applications. This newest and rapidly growing robotic research discipline caught an attention in ACE Labs. We are working deeply in assistive robotics and having partnerships from the leading research facilities nationwide. This topic already resulted with one PhD and three masters in recent years.

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Recent technological improvements and breath taking increasing on the usage of the communication devices and smart gadgets brought the humongous amount of new data. The data include but not limited to our personal preferences on any kind of daily activities, health services we are receiving, music we like to listen, our shopping list, transportation and traffic usages, very important cancer prevention or early detection research, or simply providing advertisements in social media. The ACE Labs working on this research topic with several institutes, highly promising researchers and PhD level students.

Human Robot Interactions and Humanoid Robot

Underwater Robotics and Autonmous Underwater Vehicles

Renevable Energy and Smart Grid

Unmaned Air Vehicles, Drones and Quadcopters

Cloud Computing

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ACE Labs

The University of Texas at San Antonio

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